Choosing a Ship Supplier in Bangladesh

Ship Supplier in Bangladesh

Forazi Shipping Limited is a Bangladeshi ship chandlery that provides professional ship services.  and operated business in Dhaka. Whether you need a repair, refit, or full-service re-chandlery, FSL can help you. Their team of experienced painters, mechanics, and other professionals is ready to help. They also offer a wide range of other ship-related services.

Choosing a Ship Supplier in Bangladesh

The Forazi Shipping is a leading provider of technical expertise for the maritime sector in Bangladesh. It was founded by a group of marine professionals with the mission of creating a cluster of technological excellence for vessels in the country. The company provides a wide range of services for ships in Bangladesh and beyond. If you’re looking for a ship supplier in this region, then look no further. We have an experienced team that can meet your needs and ensures you’re getting the best service.

How Forazi Shipping Limited Add Value to Your Vessels

A Bangladesh ship supplier can provide a comprehensive range of services to your vessel. They can assist you with technical support, bonded stores, and a wide range of other marine and offshore services. If you’re looking for a ship supplier in Bangladesh, contact Forazi Shipping today! It is one of the leading ship suppliers in the country. We can also arrange for fresh provisions in Chittagong & Mongla for your vessels.

Another option for a ship supplier in Bangladesh is to choose a bonded chandler. You can also get your vessel’s spare parts and supplies from a bonded warehouse. This way, you won’t have to worry about the cost of the parts, as the company will handle all the details for you. The services provided by the Forazi Shipping Ship Supplier in the country will help you save money while preserving the environment.


What Ship Supplier Services Can Forazi Shipping Provides?

A ship supplier in Bangladesh should be able to provide these services. Besides the technical assistance, we provide crew welfare. A ship supplier in Bangladesh must be able to provide the required supplies and services to a vessel. The company should be able to handle all kinds of needs for its customers. In addition to these, the team should have the proper knowledge to help you make the right decision. Once you’ve chosen a reliable Ship Supplier in a Bangladeshi bonded yard, the next step is to find a trusted and reputable one.

Why Forazi Shipping Limited as Ship Supplier in Bangladesh?

Forazi Shipping has been in the business since 2022 and aims to change the background of ship services in Chittagong Port. Its values of trust and loyalty have brought it to many satisfied customers from all over the world. The company offers international standards in all aspects of ship handling, including technical services, hull cleaning, and spare parts supply. They are located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. So, if you’re in need of a Ship Supplier, check out the reviews online!


Ship Parts and Supply

Forazi Shipping ship supplier in Bangladesh deals in ship parts and supplies. It is based in Chittagong and deals in all aspects of ship-related services. Its team of dedicated professionals is capable of providing high-quality service and meeting all the requirements of its clients. In addition to providing technical and maritime services, It also offers underwater hull cleaning services and automation equipment. These companies provide high-quality hull cleaning and repair for all types of ships.


Forazi Shipping has started its journey in Chittagong in 2022, and aims to change the history of ship service in Chittagong Port. It is a trusted, reliable, and reliable ship service company that has cultivated many satisfied customers from all over the world. In addition to hull cleaning and ship repairs, it provides technical services for ships. They also offer underwater hull cleaning services, which can be crucial for a successful shipping company.



Forazi Shipping is a generalship supplier in Chittagong. The company specializes in exporting navigation equipment, automation equipment, and ship spare parts. They also offer underwater hull cleaning services. The company started its journey with the goal of changing the background of ship service in Chittagong Port. Moreover, FSL founded on the basis of the values of trust and loyalty. With the support of its global clients, AHR Trade International is now a respected name in ship service in Chittagong Port.

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