How Procurement and Logistics Work Together in Bangladesh

How Procurement and Logistics Work Together in Bangladesh

Procurement and Logistics

Procurement and logistics are integral parts of the supply chain, and it’s critical that they work together to prevent manufacturing cost overruns. By understanding how these processes interact, businesses can improve their operations. In fact, many small businesses opt to hire a third-party logistics provider to manage their resources and create a seamless supply chain. These companies have the resources and knowledge necessary to help you optimize your supply chain. Learn how a third-party logistics provider like Prologis can help you manage your business’s resources and improve your overall supply chain processes.

How Procurement and Logistics Work Together in Bangladesh
How Procurement and Logistics Work Together in Bangladesh

Procurement is the process of acquiring goods and services. Logistics involves transport, warehousing, and added value services. A company’s procurement department purchases logistics services. In addition to identifying the best suppliers, they must also organize transportation and storage. This includes quality control, inventory management, and shipping. A procurement department can buy its own transportation and storage services as part of a wider procurement process. These services are critical to the success of a company’s business.


How do Procurement and Logistics Services in Bangladesh Work?


Crucial to Supply Chain

Regardless of industry, logistics and procurement are crucial to a successful supply chain. Using a variety of methods, including standardized specifications, suppliers, and electronic platforms, the two departments must work together to find the best solution for a company’s needs. Often, logistics services can help companies save money by ensuring that a company meets its deadlines and meets its goals. A procurement team may also be responsible for implementing a procurement strategy and coordinating transportation and storage for products and services.


Purchasing and logistics are integral parts

Purchasing and logistics are integral parts of the manufacturing and supply chain. The procurement department must choose and negotiate with suppliers, hire drivers, and coordinate inventory management. The two departments should work closely to ensure a smooth flow of materials and services throughout the supply chain. Getting the goods to their final destination without delays can lead to significant issues for the company’s customers and distributors. These teams are the foundation of successful supply chains and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Difference Between Procurement and Logistics

The main difference between procurement and logistics is that logistics is the process of buying goods. While procurement involves buying products and services, logistics refers to the movement and storage of those items. The two departments are interconnected and work together to improve their businesses. By working together, the procurement team can ensure a smooth and productive supply chain for the company. These two departments also help in the supply chain by identifying the best solutions. If you want to hire the best talent, check out the companies that specialize in both areas.

Optimising your supply chain can be a huge challenge. With the help of procurement and logistics, your business can minimize risks and streamline its operations. For example, demand forecasting can help you anticipate future needs and make plans for reorders. Creating a strategic inventory plan is crucial to optimizing your supply chain. Using predictive analysis can predict demand and help you make reorders. By working closely with the supplier and manufacturer, you can also reduce the risk of not having enough inventory.


Hire and train the Best Professionals for Your Company

Besides optimizing your supply chain, procurement and logistics also help you hire and train the best professionals for your company. Using predictive analytics and historical data, you can plan reorders. Working with your supplier and manufacturer will help you avoid the risks associated with a lack of inventory. By establishing effective relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, you can improve the supply chain. Whether you’re planning to hire a full-time employee or a freelancer, the two disciplines of procurement and logistics can improve your job prospects.

Managing and streamlining supply chain processes is an essential part of your business. In addition to optimizing your supply chain, you must also ensure that your company’s processes are efficient. Keeping logistics and procurement separate can lead to missed opportunities and lost sales. Soliciting the best suppliers will increase your company’s profitability. So, it’s essential to integrate logistics and procurement functions to maximize your profits. While this requires a large amount of time and effort, it is important to ensure customer satisfaction.



While these functions may sound like separate departments, they’re actually closely related. The procurement team is responsible for sourcing and arranging the materials that go into manufacturing products. While the latter is primarily concerned with preparing the raw materials and storing them, the former handles storing, shipping, and arranging them. In other words, these departments work together to improve and enhance the supply chain. These two departments are also essential to a business’s overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

Choosing a Ship Supplier in Bangladesh

Choosing a Ship Supplier in Bangladesh

Ship Supplier in Bangladesh

Forazi Shipping Limited is a Bangladeshi ship chandlery that provides professional ship services.  and operated business in Dhaka. Whether you need a repair, refit, or full-service re-chandlery, FSL can help you. Their team of experienced painters, mechanics, and other professionals is ready to help. They also offer a wide range of other ship-related services.

Choosing a Ship Supplier in Bangladesh

The Forazi Shipping is a leading provider of technical expertise for the maritime sector in Bangladesh. It was founded by a group of marine professionals with the mission of creating a cluster of technological excellence for vessels in the country. The company provides a wide range of services for ships in Bangladesh and beyond. If you’re looking for a ship supplier in this region, then look no further. We have an experienced team that can meet your needs and ensures you’re getting the best service.

How Forazi Shipping Limited Add Value to Your Vessels

A Bangladesh ship supplier can provide a comprehensive range of services to your vessel. They can assist you with technical support, bonded stores, and a wide range of other marine and offshore services. If you’re looking for a ship supplier in Bangladesh, contact Forazi Shipping today! It is one of the leading ship suppliers in the country. We can also arrange for fresh provisions in Chittagong & Mongla for your vessels.

Another option for a ship supplier in Bangladesh is to choose a bonded chandler. You can also get your vessel’s spare parts and supplies from a bonded warehouse. This way, you won’t have to worry about the cost of the parts, as the company will handle all the details for you. The services provided by the Forazi Shipping Ship Supplier in the country will help you save money while preserving the environment.


What Ship Supplier Services Can Forazi Shipping Provides?

A ship supplier in Bangladesh should be able to provide these services. Besides the technical assistance, we provide crew welfare. A ship supplier in Bangladesh must be able to provide the required supplies and services to a vessel. The company should be able to handle all kinds of needs for its customers. In addition to these, the team should have the proper knowledge to help you make the right decision. Once you’ve chosen a reliable Ship Supplier in a Bangladeshi bonded yard, the next step is to find a trusted and reputable one.

Why Forazi Shipping Limited as Ship Supplier in Bangladesh?

Forazi Shipping has been in the business since 2022 and aims to change the background of ship services in Chittagong Port. Its values of trust and loyalty have brought it to many satisfied customers from all over the world. The company offers international standards in all aspects of ship handling, including technical services, hull cleaning, and spare parts supply. They are located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. So, if you’re in need of a Ship Supplier, check out the reviews online!


Ship Parts and Supply

Forazi Shipping ship supplier in Bangladesh deals in ship parts and supplies. It is based in Chittagong and deals in all aspects of ship-related services. Its team of dedicated professionals is capable of providing high-quality service and meeting all the requirements of its clients. In addition to providing technical and maritime services, It also offers underwater hull cleaning services and automation equipment. These companies provide high-quality hull cleaning and repair for all types of ships.


Forazi Shipping has started its journey in Chittagong in 2022, and aims to change the history of ship service in Chittagong Port. It is a trusted, reliable, and reliable ship service company that has cultivated many satisfied customers from all over the world. In addition to hull cleaning and ship repairs, it provides technical services for ships. They also offer underwater hull cleaning services, which can be crucial for a successful shipping company.



Forazi Shipping is a generalship supplier in Chittagong. The company specializes in exporting navigation equipment, automation equipment, and ship spare parts. They also offer underwater hull cleaning services. The company started its journey with the goal of changing the background of ship service in Chittagong Port. Moreover, FSL founded on the basis of the values of trust and loyalty. With the support of its global clients, AHR Trade International is now a respected name in ship service in Chittagong Port.

Ship Survey Service in Bangladesh

Ship Survey Service in Bangladesh

Ship Survey Service in Bangladesh

A Ship Survey is conducted to ensure that the safety and security of a vessel is as good as possible. A qualified mariner, engineer, or naval architect conducts a survey. A Ship Survey is distinct from other types of surveys, including security, hoist, and dock surveys. It is a mandatory procedure for all ships to meet the requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Controls are rigorous and must be met by all ships to avoid accidents or disasters at sea.


Type of Ship Surveys

During a Ship Survey, the bottom of the vessel is inspected to ensure that the ship is still technically sound and is in compliance with the Rules. A full inspection is performed, including the underwater hull, steering gear, shafting, and propulsion devices. The surveying process is continuous and must be completed during the class period, and it is usually conducted in phases. In a Dry Dock Survey, the entire ship is inspected and controlled by one or more classification surveyors.


Ship Survey Service in Bangladesh
Ship Survey Service in Bangladesh

ntermediate Ship Survey

Another type of Ship Survey is the Intermediate Survey, which checks the hull and the mechanical equipment. This survey examines the condition of the vessel, and it is the most frequent of the three surveys. It is required between the second and third annual surveys. It is not uncommon for a ship to undergo several surveys over the course of its life. In addition to this, a Seaworthy Survey is required every two years. While a regular survey is recommended, a continuous one is the best option if you want to maintain your certificate.


Ships undergo immense stress during their working lives. Many carry heavy cargoes and are often oversized. Therefore, a Ship Survey is essential to maintain their rigidity. The classification societies also require a regular inspection schedule to ensure the safety of the vessel. If the ship is too old, it could be unsafe to transport. It is crucial to schedule a Ship Survey, which can help you keep the ship in perfect condition. It can also protect you from liability claims.

Benefits of Having Ship Survey Regularly

Despite the high cost of a Ship Survey, it is necessary to perform one to ensure the safety of a vessel. IMO is a body that aims to conduct ship surveys. In a typical ship survey, the ship’s owner will hire a marine surveying company to inspect the vessel before a scheduled inspection. The Surveyor will be required to report any major damage to the classification society. If a vessel is too dangerous, it will not be able to operate.

Ships must be inspected at least once a year to stay in the water. Most ships undergo periodic inspections to avoid any serious accidents. A Ship Survey is important to ensure the ship’s safety. It can also help in ensuring the integrity of a ship. It should be accompanied by a specialized marine surveyor to ensure that everything is safe. In addition to surveys, the IMO also requires that a ship undergoes a periodic tow survey to prevent any kind of pollution.


Ship Survey in Other Country

In China, the government encourages the establishment of ship surveying companies and encourages the use of up-to-date techniques. This is essential to the safety of all seafaring vessels. In China, ship surveys are required before a ship is allowed to operate. They must also be carried out on a weekly basis, and are required before any towing operations. If a survey fails, the flag state can ask for an extension for up to three months, so the survey can be completed.

Why Need Ship Survey Regularly?

A Ship Survey is performed for a number of reasons. A new vessel doesn’t need one but it will need one if it is a used one. Using a ship without a survey can affect your ability to secure financing and insurance for the vessel. A ship survey can also reveal items that need to be repaired or replaced. A good marine survey is an important part of the overall safety and security of a vessel. So, it is crucial that you hire a reputable marine survey company.

Forazi Shipping Limited: #1 Ship Survey Company in Bangladesh


We act on behalf of vessel owners in liaising with various classification societies and accredited technicians in order to ensure the timely and smooth coordination of vessels periodical surveys. We maintain an excellent relationship with all major classification societies and enjoy a very high level of co-operation with all class surveyors.


A Ship survey can be very useful to assess a vessel’s overall health. A survey can detect any potential problems that may be affecting the ship’s stability and performance. If you’re purchasing a boat, a ship survey will determine whether you’re acquiring a quality used vessel. However, there are some exceptions, and the most important ones are for safety purposes. If you are buying a used boat, a Ship Survey will help you decide what to purchase.

Ship Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh

Ship Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh

Ship Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh

A ship crew manning agency is a vital part of a company’s operations. Whether it’s supplying a vessel with a crew or providing the crew itself, the right agency can make a big difference to your bottom line. A good agency should offer a complaint procedure and be in compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC), which sets minimum standards for seafarers’ rights and conditions.

Bangladesh Marine Academy Alumni
Bangladesh Marine Academy Alumni

A ship crew manning agency recruits seafarers on behalf of shipping companies and provides them with the legal documents and certificates required for work. They also assist with visas and other requirements. This type of agency also offers on-shore assistance to ship owners and other companies. It is important to choose an agency that is licensed by the national maritime authority to provide a secure and efficient system. They should be able to help ship owners with safety procedures and employment rights.

Process of Hiring Seafarers

The process of hiring seafarers for a ship requires a manning agency. Using a crew manning agency has several benefits. Firstly, it allows ship owners to save time. Many of them are based abroad, which can make visas expensive. Another advantage is that a manning agency can help you avoid the hassle of getting the right crew members. Furthermore, you can hire a new seafarer – or have an existing one. A reputable agency can provide you with a list of suitable candidates.

A good manning agency will be able to offer a diverse range of services, including the recruitment of seafarers. A manning agency can handle everything from arranging the visa and medical requirements for seafarers. It should also be able to find and contact the right seafarers for the right positions. You can also trust them to deliver high-quality, reliable crews to your vessel. They are a crucial part of a ship’s operations.

Logistic Service
Logistic Service

A crew manning agency is a vital part of a ship’s operations. Not only does the agency handle the crew manning of a ship, but it can also provide human resource management to a shipowner. A seafaring agency can handle a variety of activities, from crew recruitment and selection to scheduling and regular training. In addition, a ship crew manning agency can also handle administrative aspects of crew employment, such as payroll services, health insurance, and communication duties.

In addition to manning, a crew manning agency can also be an employer. It is an agency that works with a ship’s owners and managers to find the right seafarers. The job of a seafarer is varied and requires certain skills. The best agency will have experience in all kinds of seafarers and be able to supply them with specific skills. They will also be familiar with ship management equipment, including navigation systems.

How a Crew Manning Agency like Forazi Shipping Limited Can Help you to get the best Employee?

A ship crew manning agency can help you find the right seafarers for your vessel. A good agency will have a pool of seafarers who are skilled in specific tasks. The best ship manning agency will also be experienced in the different types of ships and have the expertise to match them with the right jobs. You can always contact the ITF or the local authorities if you have concerns about a ship crew manning agency’s services.

A ship crew manning agency can help you find the right crew. They may even have connections with maritime academies. These companies have the right personnel for your vessel. A ship crew manning agency can also help you find the best crew for your ship. This is the best place to look for a ship manning agency. A professional and experienced team will make sure you get the right staff for your boat.



A ship crew manning agency should be able to meet your needs. Despite the fact that a ship’s crew consists of a wide variety of individuals, each one has their own unique requirements. Choosing a ship crew manning agency that suits your needs is an essential part of your business. You will have access to the best possible seafarers for your vessel. So if you’re looking for a quality seafarer, choose an agency that understands your needs and is committed to meeting them.

The Role of a Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh

Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh

Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh

The crew manning agency is a service that provides competent marine personnel for shipping companies. They specialize in supplying seafarers for a wide range of vessels in various regions and across the world. Some of the services offered by the crew manning agency include vessel spotting, sourcing seafarers, conducting background checks, and arranging medical requirements. The industry is dominated by private manning agencies. These are responsible for the efficient and accountable manning process. Public manned manning agencies must promote and protect the employment rights of seafarers and ensure seafarer safety.

Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh
Crew Manning Agency in Bangladesh

What Does a Crew Manning Agency Do?

The crew manning agency helps ship owners and managers to find qualified and experienced seafarers. The agency also ensures the legal and professional background of seafarers. They keep all records and legal documents of their candidates. The agency also assists ship owners with on-shore support and training. They should be able to cooperate with the ship owner’s safety measures and make all the necessary decisions to minimize any risk. Using computerized technologies in the crew manning process will increase the efficiency of your business.

A crew manning agency will improve your maritime business in many ways. First and foremost, the company will use computerized technologies in the administration and recruitment of seafarers. Global position systems are the best tracking devices for ships. Better tracking devices will provide real-time data and prevent the mismanagement of seafarers and their shipowners. The services of a crew manning agency will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Sourcing the Best Quality Crew

Forazi Shipping Limited is a prominent crew manning agency in Bangladesh. The company specializes in providing highly skilled and competent officers and crew to ship-owners and ship management companies. The company has an international client base and works with both large and small vessel owners. Forazi Shipping also provides the necessary on-shore support to its clients. Forazi Shipping is accredited by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to comply with international conventions that pertain to the use of Bangladeshi seafarers on foreign-flagged ships.

Dynamic & Well Known

Forazi Shipping is a dynamic and well-known crew manning agency in the city of Chittagong. Founded in 2021, but has since evolved into a highly successful organization that has a broad client base. It is committed to maintaining high standards in the maritime industry. The services of Forazi Shipping are specialized in providing qualified officers and crew for ship-owners and ship management companies.

Complaint Process

Aside from a good reputation, a crew manning agency must have a complaint process and ensure compliance with international and national regulations. During the recruitment process, the agency should make the crew members feel comfortable and happy. The Maritime Labour Convention (2006) states that all seafarers are entitled to equal treatment and the corresponding standards should be met by the crew manning agency. Similarly, a shipping company should be able to provide an efficient and reliable service.


In addition to being reputable, a crew manning agency should also have a complaint process. It must ensure that the employees are paid properly and are medically fit. A maritime crew manning agency should be licensed and registered in the country where they will work. Its reputation is essential for any shipping company. A reputed maritime crew manning agency will provide all the necessary crew members with training and medical care.

Meets the MLC Requirements

A reputable crew manning agency should have a complaint process and be in compliance with all MLC requirements. The MLC also ensures that seafarers are treated fairly and are not subjected to any type of discrimination. However, some manning agencies may be less than ethical and may not be willing to provide adequate compensation. The MLC requires that a manning agency must meet the minimum standards required by the flag state and international legislation.

Forazi Shipping Limited: The #1 Crew Recruitment Agency in Bangladesh

Forazi Shipping is the #1 ship manning agency in Bangladesh. We help the shipowner, managers, and principles to source the best crew manning for the shipping company.



Its crew recruitment service includes assistance with obtaining flag state documents and visas. The team will also work closely with the shipowner to meet the needs of individual clients. The MLC standards are set by the Flag State and must be met by all publicly operated crew manning agencies. There are also MLC requirements for a publically owned and operated crew manning agency. They must have a comprehensive set of staff to meet the requirements of their clients.