Bay Piloting Services

Our experienced pilots safely navigate vessels from Moheshkhali / Kutubdia to Chattogram Alpha, Bravo & Charlie anchorage with the minimum cost, safest & best services. Chattogram Port Authority strongly recommended Pilot as compulsory for incoming vessels with draft more than 10 meters, highly recommended for a vessel of draft 9.5 meters up to maximum 11.50 meters freshwater draft inbound for Chattogram Alpha, Bravo or Charlie anchorage & vice versa. Whether it is from Owner’s or Charterer’s account.

piloting services

We are pleased to offer our 24/7 services round the year subject to weather permitting. The pool of pilots is always on standby to assist your vessels for safe navigation at Moheshkhali / Kutubdia and Chattogram anchorage. We want to ensure the right Pilot is on the right ship at the right time. Professionalism and reputations are our business policies. Please provide us 72, 48, 24, and 12 hours notices in advance for line-up and fixing the pilot.

Please send a message to our email ID: [email protected] for inquiries or appointments of the pilot.